When you want to sell gold jewelry to a dealer, there are steps you can take to save time for both yourself and the dealer. For example, how you sort your gold will affect how fast your trip to the gold dealer will be. Taking these steps can also help you get more cash for your gold.

Separate Gold from Non-Gold

Organize your gold collection. Begin by removing jewelry that is considered imitation gold. Use a magnet to determine if the jewelry is solid gold or not. Jewelry that sticks to the magnet is likely made out of another material. Leave behind anything that isn't made of gold because the dealer will simply give it back to you. You'll also have to spend more time with the gold dealer if you don't remove non-gold items.

Separate Gold-Plated Jewelry

Some pieces of gold jewelry only have gold on the surface. They will have a GP or GF stamp. Separate these from other pieces of gold jewelry. Most gold dealers will only purchase solid gold, but you may be able to sell gold-plated jewelry.

Separate Gold by Karat

Separate the gold pieces by karat. You'll be able to determine the karat by looking at the gold label using a magnifying glass. 24 karat gold is pure gold. A dealer may be willing to accept less than pure gold, but anything less than 24-karat has been mixed with other metals to improve the durability of the piece. However, the metals that are mixed with the gold are worth less than the gold piece itself and reduces the value of the piece as a result. Also, make sure to measure your gold. You may measure gold pieces in grams.

Clean the Piece

You'll want your gold jewelry to be in the best condition possible to maximize the chances that the dealer will want to purchase it. Do not clean gold jewelry in hot water. Instead, use lukewarm water and dish detergent to scrub the piece clean. Add a little ammonia as well. Brush the gold jewelry with a soft toothbrush. Then, rinse the jewelry off with lukewarm water.

Do not clean your gold jewelry with anything else because you might tarnish it. For example, do not clean your jewelry with soap or chlorine. Chlorine can permanently damage and discolor your jewelry. You'll only have to worry about tarnishing jewelry if it is not made from pure gold. By properly cleaning the gold piece, you'll be ready to bring it to a dealer.