Do you have any gold, such as gold coins, or bullion that you want to sell to a gold buyer? In that case. you want to make sure you know as much as you can in advance about selling your gold so that you get the best possible price for your items. The following article answers some of the most frequently asked questions about selling gold.

How is the Weight of Gold Measured? 

Gold is typically weighed in ounces, but the gold market uses a different system than the typical ounce people use in most other situations. The standard ounce, or oz., consists of 28.35  grams. Gold, however, is measured in troy ounces, or oz., which contains 31.103 grams. This is an important distinction because the difference is about 10 percent. Keep in mind that when a gold buyer refers to "ounces" they will almost certainly be referring to a troy ounce, not the standard ounce.

How Much is Your Gold Worth?

Most gold items, such as gold coins and bars, are worth the amount of gold they contain. The price you receive from gold will be based on the weight of your gold and the current market price of gold. The market price changes daily based on the demand for gold at any given time. For example, if you had one troy ounce of gold and the market price on the day you sold it was $2,000 an ounce, your gold would be worth $2,000 on that day. It's easy to find the market price of gold at any given time as numerous websites provide this crucial information.

A critical point to remember is that you are not going to receive the exact market price for your items. The gold buyer must make a profit on the transaction and will offer you somewhat less than the market price.

What Gold is Worth More than the Market Price? 

Although most gold items are valuable only for the amount of gold they contain, some exceptions exist. One of the most prominent is numismatic coins, These are coins that were once in circulation as legal tender and are sought by coin collectors. The value of numismatic coins is based on factors such as rarity, condition, and collector demand. Always check any gold for numismatic value before you sell it to a gold buyer.

Selling to a gold buyer is a great way to obtain some extra income as long as you do your research and know the true value of your gold items.