Jails are no place for social distancing. In fact, having that many people so close together makes them perfect for spreading coronavirus. If you get arrested during a pandemic, you'll want to get out of jail even faster than you normally would. Here's what you should know.

Some Areas Are Suspending Arrests

Some jurisdictions are completely suspending arrests for low-level crimes. This means you don't need to worry about bail, because you won't be taken to jail. However, this is not a get-out-of-jail-free card. The police can still write a summons to appear in court. A summons to appear for a crime still counts as a criminal charge. If you don't appear in court when required, the judge may issue a warrant for your arrest and set a high amount of bail to release you again.

Some Areas Are Expediting Bail

The usual process when you get arrested is getting booked in at a police station, then getting taken to a jail or holding cell to wait for court, and then finally getting to appear before a judge to set your bail. In some areas, the police may still take you into custody, but you may be able to post bail at the police station.

The way it works is that for low to mid-level crimes is there's a standard set of bail amounts based on whether you have a prior criminal record. If you're eligible, either you or your bail bonds company can post the standard bail at the police station so you don't have to wait in jail for a judge. The bail money is still held by the court system, and you can request a modification of your bail as always.

Judges Are Considering the Pandemic

Even in areas that are still taking people to jail, judges are still thinking about the health danger of being in jail at this time. Many judges are setting bail amounts lower than they normally would. This is good for you, but you'll still need to be able to post bail.

If you have cash or a credit card on you when you're arrested, you may be able to post your own bail. If not, you can call a 24/7 bail bonds company to help you meet the bail set by the judge.

To learn more about how to get out of jail fast if you're arrested during the coronavirus pandemic, contact a local bail bonds company now.