Green investment management firms specialize in the evaluation of environmentally friendly investments, and there are many such investments that might be right for you. If you've made environmentally friendly choices in other areas of life and would like to bring your investing in line with green priorities, here are some of the green investment opportunities a firm may suggest. 

Environmentally Friendly Power Generations Stocks and Mutual Funds

Some of the most well-known green investment opportunities are stocks for companies that specialize in environmentally friendly power generation. These primarily include solar and wind power generation companies, for these are some of the more established green power generation methods currently in use.

When investing in these stocks, you may purchase stock in a company that only generates clean power. Alternatively, you may invest in a large company that has many operations but is heavily increasing their presence in the green power generation sector. 

If you want to invest in multiple stocks within this sector, you can purchase several individual ones or get a mutual fund. A mutual fund will hold several individual stocks within it, which decreases your risk exposure to any one company's operations but still allows you to invest in this area of growth.

Green Hardware Manufacturing Stocks and Mutual Funds

Instead of investing directly in the companies that produce environmentally friendly power, you can alternatively invest in companies that manufacture the components of the hardware that these power generation companies use. Several manufacturers are well established in the windmill and solar panel manufacturing space, for example.

The best way to invest in these companies is through purchasing their individual stock or getting a mutual fund that has several of these companies' stocks in it. This may be a smart strategy if you want to diversify your green investment portfolio, or if you want to invest in both the green energy and manufacturing sectors.

Pollution Control Stocks

Pollution control companies research ways to reduce pollution generated by other companies. A pollution control company might develop a way to manufacture without releasing as many chemicals into the air, for example. While some pollution control companies are small and privately held, others are large enough to be publicly traded via stocks.

Investing in pollution control companies via stocks is often a long-term play, for these companies benefit every time new legislation requires a reduction in the pollution that various businesses produce. Legislation is often slow to be passed and enacted, though.