In some states, physical therapists earn an annual salary of about $98,000. Getting payment and charging your customers are actually two different things. To get paid for the services that you render, it is important that you follow it up with some professional advice on physical therapy billing.

1. List your prices for your physical therapy services so that you can be transparent

To accurately bill your customers you need to make the prices clear. The people that come to you for things like injury rehab and athletic massage need to know upfront how much they are being charged so that there are no surprises. You have the right to charge anything that you'd like for physical therapy service. A fair range is $20-$150/session for the work you do. Be as transparent as you can and itemize every charge beforehand so your customers are aware.

2. Learn some basics of physical therapy billing and decide how you want to do it

Physical therapy billing requires some basic knowledge. Terminology like treatment, referral, plan of care, discharge note, and progress reports are important details that should always show up on the bill. This points to clear terms that your patients can inquire about if they feel that there are any billing discrepancies.

3. Familiarize yourself with coding that comes with physical therapy

Coding is a big part of the physical therapy billing process. These items are listed as common physical therapy (CPT) codes. These codes distinguish things like biofeedback, gait training, manual therapy, group therapy, neuromuscular re-education, and self-care. CPT codes will show up on the bill and are the detail that the billing company will use to keep a clean record.

4. Outsource with a company that does physical therapy billing

Billing practices are always best with the help of a physical therapy billing company. They know all of the codes and have professionals that are extensively trained in using them. You can hire someone on your physical therapy staff or pay $25-$125/monthly for a Software as a Service (SaaS). They'll help you with your billing process and can prevent mistakes. Coding mistakes will only make it more difficult for you to get paid for the services that you are rendering for your physical therapy companies.

Working with athletes, people with injuries, and people coming back from car accidents can be a dream job. Hiring a physical therapy billing service, like Midwest Medical Billing Service, can help you get paid for this dream work.