Why should you listen to a financial planning podcast? According to Podcast Index, as of 2022, there are more than four million podcasts globally. Whether you're new to podcasts or new to financial planning, take a look at the why's and what's that can help you to listen, learn, and potentially build your wealth. 

Why Do Listeners Choose Podcasts About Financial Planning?

There isn't one universal answer to this question. A personal financial planning podcast could cover a variety of topics. The type of podcast you choose (or the content it includes) can answer the question—why should you listen? Some listeners choose a podcast to learn about financial planning basics or for general knowledge, while others are more interested in a specific topic. 

Podcasts are only one way to learn about financial planning. This may make you wonder why you should choose this auditory option over reading a magazine, book, ebook, website, or blog. The podcast medium is convenient, allowing you to listen and learn from almost anywhere at almost any time. This means you can build financial planning basics from your car on the way to work, at home as you do the dishes, or in many other situations/scenarios.

Not only are podcasts convenient, but they are also no-cost options that require nothing more than an Internet-connected device and possibly earbuds (depending on where you plan to listen). This can save you money compared to the cost of books or magazines. 

What Do These Podcasts Cover?

Again, you won't find one answer to this question. The financial planning arena is broad and includes a variety of topics at many different levels. A novice investor may want to explore general knowledge types of podcasts. This can help you to learn the basics. 

If you have experience in the financial world or you want to learn more about one specific aspect of planning, there are podcasts that cover narrow topics, such as educational planning, saving money, wealth management, investing in the stock market, real estate investments, or similar types of content.

Along with these areas, some podcasts focus on solutions to common financial problems. These may include advice or tips on how to get out of debt, stay out of debt, pay off loans, manage credit cards wisely, or spend in smarter ways.

Some listeners may also prefer a podcast by a well-known financial guru or media personality. These podcasts vary in depth of knowledge and topics, based on the podcaster's area of expertise and who they choose to interview.

Consider listening to a financial planning podcast today.